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Property Management Services

Bella Vita North Bay Inc. offers professional, dedicated property management services to help you take control of your rental properties

Screening Prospective Tenants

Finding The Right Fit

Bella Vita North Bay Inc. will find prospective tenants to occupy your vacant rental properties for 50% of one months rent. Tenants are carefully screened to uphold the security of your property and neighboring tenants.

Owner & Tenant Portals

Communicating With Tenants And Vendors

We will act as the primary contact for all tenants, contractors, and vendors. We are committed to responding to inquiries, questions, and concerns in a timely and professional manner.

Acting As A Representative

Acting On Your Behalf

We act as a representative for your company and solve issues in an efficient and professional manner. We will take care of the day-to-day operations of your rental property.

Exclusive Contractors

Competitive Solutions

Bella Vita North Bay Inc. works with contractors who provide their services to us exclusively. This allows us to offer you the most competitive rates and quick service.

Manage Short Term & Airbnb Rentals

Increased Potential Revenue

We can help you rent out your space for short term rentals and Airbnb rentals. This gives you the ability to diversify your earning potential without the stress and time consuming work required.

Cost Saving Solutions

Saving You Money

Our network of contacts, and years of experience, help you to secure the best solution for all your rental property needs. We will always look for creative and innovative options to help boost your rental.

Bella Vita North Bay Inc. is dedicated to ensuring our clients are satisfied. The solutions we offer cover a wide range of the operations of your commercial or residential properties.


Strategic Planning

Advertising Your Property

Arranging Showings

Screening Potential Tenants

Frequent Inspections

Collecting Rents

Arranging/Overseeing Repairs

Resolving Conflicts/Issues


The Bella Vita Difference

How Property Owners Benefit From Our Services

  • Professional Office: Your tenants can visit us in Suite 202 at our 347 Sherbrooke St. location to apply for tenancy, pay rent, sign documents and more. This also allows you to keep your personal address private and offer a more professional service.
  • Commitment To Privacy: We act with diplomacy and discretion with everything we do. Your personal and business information, as well as the information of your clients is never mishandled or at risk.
  • Industry Connections: We work with high quality partners in real estate, financial services, and construction. Our exceptional relationship with local contractors and handymen ensures our ability to face problems head on, in a timely manner, and with competitive rates.
  • Adherence To The Landlord Tenant Act: We understand the responsibilities and rights of both the property owners we represent and tenants. We always act in the best interest of both parties and uphold your legal responsibilities.
  • Invaluable Experience: We are experienced in the art of commercial, industrial, and residential property management. This experience allows us to provide you with informed and strategic guidance.

Tenant Acquisition & Screening

We Find The Right Tenant For Your Property

We offer tenant acquisition services for property owners looking to fill rental properties. Our fee to find and screen an appropriate tenant is 50% of the value of one-months rent. We offer a price that is below the industry standard, while maintaining the same level of quality and professionalism.

Screening appropriate tenants can be time consuming and difficult, especially for property owners with outside obligations, day jobs, or those living at a distance. You can trust that Bella Vita North Bay Inc. will work hard to secure the right tenant as soon as possible and act as the best representative on your behalf.

Client & Tenant Portals

Android/iPhone App Allows Access To Up-To-Date Information

Tenants and landlords are granted access to our portal system to access their information via our cell phone app. All communications, property maintenance history, complaints, and payment history are maintained and easily accessible via convenient App. This allows landlords quick access to the information regarding tenants and properties, and allows you to see any outstanding work orders and rents. This also gives your tenants unbeatable access to their lease and payment information and allows them to easily put forth requests.

Tenant App

  • Pay Bills
  • Submit Work Requests
  • View Past Work Orders
  • Communicate With Bella Vita
  • View Financial Ledger
  • Print Ledgers

Owner App

  • Review Expiring Leases
  • Review Vacant Properties
  • Create/View Work Orders
  • Review Outstanding Rents
  • View Leased Properties
  • Review Occupancy Rate
  • Email/Text Bella Vita North Bay
  • Run Reports

Common Issues Faced By Property Owners

Managing Your Properties Alone Can Be Overwhelming

Your decision to purchase a rental property or properties is an excellent step in diversifying your income sources. While owning rental properties can be rewarding financially, it can quickly become a logistical headache. Often property owners are faced with challenges they didn’t anticipate, or simply find themselves too busy with conflicting obligations to keep up with the day-to-day demands of their rentals.

If you are a rental property owner these situations may be all too familiar

Issues Arising With Tenants

  • Tenants are failing to pay their rent in a timely fashion
  • Tenants having excessive guests or squatters, a potential legal issue with local fire and occupancy guidelines.
  • A tenant causing property damage. Frequent inspections and repairs are necessary to maintain the property and help offset or discourage further damage.
  • Unapproved renovations or painting are being done by tenants
  • High turnover rates are being seen. Constant showings becomes costly and tedious.
  • Difficulty navigating tenant complaints and issues

Logistics And Management

  • Not maintaining proper documentation, lost paperwork, and unclear contracts can cause many issues. Inexperience can cause landlords to miss important details.
  • Issues finding appropriate tenants or lack of time to show the rental and extensively screen tenants.
  • No clear reputation in the industry or area to help you secure quality tenants and gain the trust of the community.
  • Not securing sound proof of condition along the important steps of the rental process to protect yourself against potential issues with damage.
  • Issues finding contractors or a handyman who is readily available when issues arise to ensure tenant safety, satisfaction and avoid costly damage.
  • Lack of experience in managing upgrade and maintenance costs, and lacking the foresight to make strategic decisions that comes from extensive experience.

Allow Bella Vita North Bay Inc. To Navigate These Concerns For You

Allowing us to take control of the day-to-day operations of your property is just good business. You are making a strategic decision to ensure that your needs, and the needs of your tenants, are consistently met. We work with you to ensure that your rental is thriving and the potential for returns is maintained.

Bella Vita North Bay Inc. Develops A Custom Property Management Strategy That Is Tailored To The Number Of Properties You Wish To Have Managed, The Unique Requirements Of Your Tenants, And The Best Strategy For Achieving Your Goals.

The Benefits Of Owning Rental Properties

Investing In Your Future

Investing in rental properties can be a lucrative decision for the future of yourself and your family. For the first time in decades the percentage of home ownership has shown to be declining. A study conducted by Statistics Canada found that the share of homeowners decreased from 69% in 2011 to 67.8% in 2016. This offers an excellent opportunity for those who decide to invest in rental properties.

Owning Rental Properties in North Bay

Contributing Factors In The Local Housing Market

There are a number of factors that impact the housing market in North Bay. The city offers a variety of services and amenities that aid in sustaining the local housing market. Having managed various properties in North Bay and having a high understanding of the needs of renters allows us to manage your rental properties with skill and strategy.

One of the most influential factors on the North Bay housing market is the presence of Nipissing University and Canadore College. Flocks of students attending these institutions are driven to the city each year; many choosing to stay for work throughout the summer months or after completing their education. These students are a valuable resource, helping to drive the local economy and housing markets. When you own a rental property in North Bay you have the option of renting to students, often ensuring steady occupancy in your rental unit.

How We Manage Your Properties

Our Responsibilities And Commitments To You

How Does Bella Vita North Bay Inc. Select The Right Tenants?

Any prospective tenants must fill out our application form to be considered. Each tenant is carefully screened and we verify their rental history, confirm employment, and check for past concerns with eviction or credit issues.

What is the cost to have Bella Vita North Bay Inc. show my property and screen tenants?

The fee to find and screen an appropriate tenant for your property is 50% of one months rent for the applicable space. This low cost service allows you to free yourself from the time commitment and stress of showing your rental property.

Who Organizes And Pays For Property Repairs And Maintenance?

If repairs or maintenance are required we will arrange quotes from trusted handymen and/or contractors. We will send all information to you for approval before taking action. Along the entire process we oversee the work, provide updates and handle communications with contractors. The cost of repairs or maintenance are generally your responsibility as the property owner unless it has been arranged and formally agreed upon with the tenant.

Who Is Responsible For Advertising My Property?

When a property is vacant we at Bellavita North Bay Inc. will advertise it for you and take care of showings. Special requests for marketing above and beyond our standard services can be discussed.

How Will My Property Be Prepared For Tenancy?

Vacant properties are prepared in order to attract the right tenants and get the best market value. We will arrange, with your approval, to have all repairs and maintenance done to prepare the space to be rented. We inspect the property at the time a tenant vacates to ensure damage has not been done and the space is in good condition for new occupants.

How Is Property Damage Addressed?

If damage is done to your property through the direct actions of a tenant, they are most often responsible for repairs. We maintain thorough documentation and evidence of the condition of your rental upon the start of occupancy and perform inspections to help when such issues arise.

How Do You Ensure My Rental Is Safe And Secure?

At Bellavita North Bay Inc. the safety and security of tenants is our priority. When we perform inspections and prepare spaces to be rented we check for safety concerns. This includes checking for visible fire hazards, working smoke detectors, and ensuring the property is well maintained. Any issues that we find or that are brought forward by tenants will be addressed. We will do our best to advise property owners on any necessary alterations and safety measures.

Will Bella Vita North Bay Inc. Find Me Rental Properties?

If you are looking to expand your real estate portfolio we would be happy to refer you to experienced local real estate agents we trust. If you decide to have multiple rental properties we are available to manage your additional properties so you can reap the benefits without spreading yourself too thin.

Who Will Tenants Contact In The Event Of An Emergency?

We will be the contact for any issues your tenant has, including those needing immediate response (i.e. the furnace stops working, hot water tank bursts, etc). We will be immediately available to tenants and act on your behalf to arrange for the situation to be solved immediately. We will contact you with any information in regards to these situations.